Day 4…(shipping supply organization)

I woke up confused, for two reasons. I feel as though I lost something or someone, and I was sad.

There are no known causes of these emotions and feelings, but it did not stop me from my 4th task this week of organizing my shipping area for work. Took no time at all and reminded me to always keep busy and use your time wisely.

Maybe the universe is preparing me for a loss?

Day 3… ( the floors)

Alright, alright, about halfway through the challenge. Seemingly easy enough (it’s just a chore list right?)

Today was off though, and I knew it was coming. The past two days were so easy to complete (see previous post about the challenge). Its definately not the tasks that are challenging, and I’m starting to feel the lesson of the challenge now.

Today’s task was to deep clean the floors NO MATTER WHAT. I started early, when suddenly a creature appeared scampering quickly to its next den.

I still have no idea what it was! I’m assuming an insect, and my first impression was a giant scorpion. Yet this thing moved like a snake but had legs?! Now I didnt get a good look at it se my first reaction was to jump, scream, and run. And I have yet to see it since.

Problem is, the second I knew that thing was in my home my whole day switched course. I had weird confused feelings, and obviously put a hold on finishing the floors because it creeped me out.

But I did stay awake and finish super late. I will finish this week strong, and feel more confident and powerful in my willpower. Cant wait to see what the end of this whole thing will bring.

Brightest blessings!


Started my day off with a simple 3 card tarot spread. A great way to guide the day. Let me explain my layout.

  • First card will be the situation of the day
  • The second card is what you can do

  • And the final card is the outcome

The first two cards were great and the final card was death. Now you need to realize that the death card isnt some horrible omen. It signifies the end of a  situation.

BUT….when I flipped it over I had a sudden feeling of loss. Not necessarily sadness, but it was not a good feeling.

Whatever can this mean?

Stay tuned …

Day 2… (the refrigerator)

So today is the second day of this weeks willpower building exercise to the witches pyramid.

Let me catch you up. The goal for this week is to complete one task each day, that you have been putting off or dont want to do.

What this does is create an attitude within yourself of being a winner. It’s not if you can do it , but why haven’t you. You must complete the task each day NO MATTER WHAT! DEATH WORK KIDS, IT DOESNT MATTER.

Once completed you will have strengthened one of the corners of the witches pyramid to creating magick. I feel good, kinda like it spring cleaning, but I’m dedicated to try this new path of witchcraft.

Anyway my task today was to completely clean the refrigerator. I did not mind it at all. I actually, for the first time, did not procrastinate. At one point of the day I just started it up without thinking.

Check out this!

Brightest blessings

Day 1… (the coffee table)

Completed the first day of my week challenge to increase my willpower. I sat down with pen in hand and wrote out my list of chores I have put off. Each day I must complete the task NO MATTER WHAT.

Today I had the task of finally stripping the coffee table and sanding it down. Today was not difficult with will because I had all the time in the world. I even accomplished re-arranging the living room after.

I know the real test is coming but I am extremely determined. I do have to say that I have noticed some sort of shift in my life after this last full moon. Everything seems different, but in a good way.

I cant put my finger on exactly what it is. There is definitely more excitement in the air. It seems more hope and happiness and forgiveness too. It is the weirdest thing. Almost as if I had a near death experience and am starting to see the world differently.

One thing is for sure though, EVERY SINGLE SPELL I did last week materialized this week. It has been blessings after blessing.

Trying out a new process…The 4 steps of creation with witchcraft.

Recently in a publishing , I have read about the witches 4 steps of creation, and the concept is so appealing to me. So without fear or hesitation I am going to practice this process and record my results here.

It first starts off with desire. You must want, desire this specific outcome or thing. Using the desire and combining it with “ritual” you then create emotion, or enthusiasm.

Now emotional, enthusiastic energy is controlled and molded by your will. This process actually creates a living thing called a thought form.

The third step is to nurture the thought form by your faith, and feed it with love and enthusiasm, and to do so regularly.

And easy enough….the 4th final step is that this living thought form is kept and protected by secrecy, until it manifests!

To effectively accomplish this process I am going to start off with week ones assignment. I MUST effectively strengthen my will power.

For this week I have made a list of seven tasks I have been putting off or just didnt want to do. Each day of the week I MUST complete the task no matter what. In turn, this will not only strengthen my will but put me in the mind frame of winning. Come on I DARE you to try it with me!

First Step to Becoming You

So you know when something doesn’t go your way? That feeling you get, that turns into a lot of wasted thoughts (you are probably blowing way out of proportion). You are feeding that negativity and bringing that pain closer to you. You have to change this process and change it NOW!

The following steps are ones that I have studied and tried myself with perfect results. I have borrowed some from other cultures and paths and tweaked them until they felt right for me, and showed results.

  • Become aware of uncomfortable feelings.
  • Realize your doubt
  • The process of anger

That’s it! Three simple steps to become a more happy human being. Learning each step should be pretty easy, it is harder though to practice these steps. Its like changing a habit. Lets start with the first one.

Become aware of uncomfortable feelings…

These are those feelings I was talking about earlier. I will use speaking in public as an example here. For me when I stand up to speak in front of a group of people, I turn to a nervous wreck. I start shaking and get sweaty. Its fear!

To become a happier person you need to recognize these feelings and become aware of them. Ask yourself these questions the next time you have uncomfortable feelings. Close your eyes and ask, what is it that is making me scared to stand up?” Well I can tell you for me it is the thought of being judged while being the center of attention. I was raised to believe that your first impression is the most important. So what if I was to stand up and talk and say something wrong or not look good enough? These are fears leading to me avoiding potential happiness.

I closed my eyes before I had to speak in public and asked myself this question….why? I focused and became aware of these uncomfortable feelings and realized how small they are compared to the great things that could come from me speaking. After practicing this for about a month I have been able to push my fears aside and try the things that life has.

Realize your Doubt

Another problem that holds us back from happiness is making up our damn minds! Making decisions can be easy and tough. You can sit there and weigh out the pros and cons, or fight with yourself on why you should try this or not do that. Intuition if you will. Here is the trick to this step… if you are having a hard time deciding to do something, then you probably shouldn’t. It is as if you are trying to convince yourself that it will be okay to make this terrible mistake this one time. Listen, if fear isn’t holding you back, and you cant seem to decide…..then don’t!

The Process of Anger

Damn we need to chill out these days. Now the world is not a fair place, and every person is going to get angry. Whether at another person, an object, a situation… anger is real. To complete this step just repeat the previous. Seclude yourself and close your eyes. What are you feeling? Pissed off, ripped off, used and abused? Is your skin getting hot? Why are these things happening?

Anger is not bad thing, we get these feelings for reasons, its all about your reaction and time. My example for this one will be getting cut in line. We all know this feeling. So some bitch just snuck in line in front of you at Ross. Now in your head you are saying “this isn’t fair” , and no it isn’t! Close your eyes and realize your feelings and why. Do not act in anger! Remember that we are trying to emit happiness. My personal reaction would be to very politely let the woman know that I was in a hurry this evening and have waited a long time in this line. That’s all I would say and most likely she would move or pretend that she didn’t know and leave. Now what if SHE acts in anger. Starts yelling and shit. That is when you deep breathe and bring your awareness to the situation. She is using all this energy to cause a scene and push her negative energy on other people, and she was in the wrong in the first place. Does that seem like the action of a happy person? You only can do you boo.

After about 30 days of focusing inward on these feelings and practicing them you will definitely notice a difference. We are all connected and made of the same things and I would much rather be “chill”, watch, and enjoy the ride rather than cause hell and let my reactions to my feelings shape my world for me.